Measure N prevents deep cuts to Scotts Valley’s core services.

Please vote Yes on N.

Scotts Valley is doing its job today with approximately 20% fewer staff than 15 years ago. The City has laid off workers, contracted out for services, increased fees for services, and shifted more pension costs to employees.

However, State funding formulas continue to adversely impact small cities like ours. Scotts Valley only gets back 6.5% of the property taxes it generates, one of the lowest percentages in the state. As a result, despite years of belt-tightening, Scotts Valley continues to face ongoing budget deficits.

With cash reserves dwindling, the City will need to make severe cuts in police protection, park maintenance, recreation programs and road repair unless new revenues are found in the coming years.

How does Measure N prevent deep cuts to Scotts Valley’s core services? By reducing the City’s structural deficit and putting Scotts Valley on the path to financial sustainability. Measure N:

  • Imposes a 1% increase in the City’s hotel tax (from 10% to 11%);
  • Impacts visitors to our community, not residents;
  • Aligns Scotts Valley’s hotel tax rate with nearly all local agencies in the County;

Scotts Valley has historically kept its tax burden low compared to many other agencies and has a well-earned reputation for tight-fisted financial management. The City only asks voters to consider modest tax increases when the alternative is painful cuts, which is exactly what Scotts Valley will face in the coming years without more revenue.

Measure N prevents deep cuts by taxing hotel visitors, not residents. Measure N puts the City on the road to financial sustainability, and maintains the core services and incredible quality of life we enjoy today.

Please vote Yes on N to maintain Scotts Valley’s police protection, park maintenance, recreation programs and road repair.


Jim Reed
Mayor, City of Scotts Valley

Jack Dilles
Vice Mayor, City of Scotts Valley

Jeanette Larkin
Co-Owner, Larkin Precision Machining, Inc.

Linda Benko
Woman of the Year and Former Treasurer, Falcon Club

Stephen D. Walpole
Retired Chief of Police, City of Scotts Valley